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Belgium M 1935/36 bayonet(ABCN1081-1)(K899)(JN19-4)

BE60 VGC+ R4
€ 575,00

Belgium Mauser M 1935 and M 1936 rifle. No serial number. Excellent cruciform blade with circular ricasso, lenght 566 mm. Ricasso is marked with a H in a circle. Very good circular grip and crossguard with stepped back muzzle ring MRD 15,5 mm. H in a circle mark on pommel. Slot in pommel. Correct working release button. No scabbard. Bayonet grip is stained but there is absolute no pitting.
Extremely rare bayonet disigned to form, together with its scabbard and a M 1935 or M 1936 rifle, an anti-aircraft mount for the Belgium Browning FN made M 1930 BAR automatic rifle.
Seldom found with its scabbard.