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US M17 bayonet by General Cutlery, Service issue shotgun Vietnam area.(ABC N 1006-1)(K 892)(JN 224-1)

US42 - MINT R2+
€ 355,00

12 gauge RIOT shotguns made by Winchester, Stevens and Ithaca. Minty parkerized fullered blade. Minty parkerized pommel and crossguard fixed with roll pins. Muzzle ring. MRD 15,3. American maker's name GEN. CUT (=General Cutlery, Fremont, OHIO-US) and US M17 crisp on crossguard face. There is also a Defence Acceptance Stamp (DAS) on the crossguard face. No oil hole in pommel. Black plastic grips with beautiful checkering, secured to the blade tang by screwbolts.
Excellent and rare US WWII Beckwith 1945 made M 1917 fiber scabbard, marked with the US ordnance bomb and M- 1917 on long top mount. Scabbard throat is marked B-N over 1. Belt hooks.  (Beckwith only made 179.000 M 1917 scabbards between January and April 1945.)
These bayonets were produced  in the 1960's (Vietnam war) for shotguns and used by US marines for guard and riot duty.
A not very common bayonet in a MINT condition