Belgian M 1889 bayonet US made by Hopkins & Allen (ABCN912)(K 290)(JN17-3

€ 275,00

US made Belgian Mauser M 1889 rifle and carbine. Very good long bright finished fullered blade with American maker's name HOPKINS & ALLEN, ARMS Co, Norwich Conn, U.S.A. crisp on ricasso. There are two small spots (nail size) of light peppering on the right side of the blade, otherwise the blade was excellent. Excellent bright finished pommel with T-slot and crossguard with quillon and muzzle ring; MRD 17,3 mm. Very good wooden grips secured with two Belgium type fastener screws to the blade tang. No scabbard.

On August 4, 1915 during WWI,  Belgium made a contract with Hopkins & Allen in the USA for 140.000 M 1889 rifles and 10.000 carbines. However in 1916 Hopkins & Allen went bankrupt. At that moment only a small part of the order was produced and delivered. What was finally delivered and if it was complete is unknown. May be that is also the reason why this bayonet is seldom found with a scabbard. Over the years we have had several bayonets, but not a single one with a scabbard!
This well made bayonet is quite rare and forms often a slot in a collection of Belgium bayonets.