Belgian M 1935/36 bayonet (ABCN1081-1)(K899)(JN19-4

€ 395,00
BE63 VGC- R4

Belgian Mauser M 1935 and M 1936 rifle. No serial number. Very good cruciform blade with circular ricasso, length 566 mm. Ricasso is marked with a small H in a circle. Blade is OK but has some inflections only. No pitting to the blade. Very good circular grip and crossguard with stepped back muzzle ring MRD 15,5 mm. Slot in pommel. Bayonet grip, pommel and crossguard are painted black. Release button works fine. No scabbard. (Seldom found with a scabbard).

Extremely rare bayonet, designed to form together with its scabbard and a M 1935 or M 1936 rifle, an anti-aircraft mount for the Belgium Browning FN made M 1930 BAR automatic rifle.
We believe the condition of this bayonet can be improved. But also in this condition, it is a very interesting addition to a collection.
A seldom encountered Belgium bayonet in a collectable condition for a very attractive price now!